• Programs That Make A Difference

  • We are looking for partners who believe in the future of Branford’s children and who are willing to invest in this, our greatest asset, for the greater good. When it comes to children, the Foundation believes the greatest risk is not taking one. As the saying goes, “Children may constitute 20 percent of the population, but they make up 100 percent of our future.”
    There are a number of ways we can make a difference in our public schools. At a modest cost, Foundation donors can make an immediate impact, or, by establishing endowed funds, create a legacy that lasts forever:

  • Inspiration Grants

  • Designed to ignite the creative spark in all of our educators, the Inspiration Grant program rewards innovation in all fields. The Foundation awards grants ranging from a minimum of $250 to teachers for curriculum innovation. Grants will be facilitated through a proposal process spearheaded by the Superintendent of Schools and an advisory committee. The Foundation will seek proposals that meet the following criteria summary:
    • Innovative
    • Well considered (including defined outcomes and a project budget)
    • Meaningful to participants
    • Beneficial in the long term
    The Guidelines and Application Form for the Mini Grant Program (grants up to $1000) and Inspiration Grant Program (grants above $1000) can be accessed using the link below:

    To access a typical Inspiration Grant Program, see the link below for “The NewAlliance Foundation Math Trail” at Walsh Intermediate School: Math Trail Website

  • Professional Advancement for Educators

  • Acknowledging the connection between teaching excellence and student performance, this initiative will provide funding for Branford teachers to enhance their skills through attendance at conferences and participation in workshops. The program will also sponsor teacher research and writing projects, lectures by leaders in the field, and visits by experts to hold in-service workshops. The form to request a Professional Development Grant can be accessed here.

  • Awards for Teaching Excellence

  • The Foundation will collaborate with Branford¹s “Teacher of the Year” and “Education Hall of Fame” programs to present grant awards for teaching excellence to educators who are nominated through these two well-established programs. Awardees will receive stipends to be used for their own professional advancement or for curriculum innovation in their classrooms.

  • Student Scholarships

  • Helping Branford students continue or enhance their education beyond programs offered by the school system is a priority for the Foundation — be it at college, at special summer programs, or even in university or other unique courses while students are enrolled at a Branford school. The Foundation will offer outright scholarship grants while also working towards building endowed scholarships for a range of grade levels and opportunities.

  • Focus Grants

  • From time to time, the school system and our community may face critical challenges or opportunities that require special attention and assistance from the Foundation. The Foundation will concentrate efforts to support solutions to these challenges through the Focus Grant program.